About Us

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Robinson Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a 120 bed skilled nursing facility that originally operated as a small acute care hospital for many years.

The first hospital was a three story house called Bathgate. In 1960 a new building was constructed which housed 32 beds with general/surgical, maternity, outpatient ancillary services and half a dozen extended care beds. In 1973 a new addition was constructed and 40 skilled nursing beds were added to the facility.

In 1989, after many years of financial losses, due in part to under-utilization of its acute care services and changing medical technology, the corporation ceased its hospital operations, added 24 temporary nursing home beds to its 40 bed nursing home and developed a plan for expansion of its long term institutional services.

January 1996 marked completion of a 12 million dollar construction and renovation project. The project consisted of construction of new space for the addition of 80 nursing home beds and renovation of the existing building which houses 40 nursing home beds and support services. In addition to full nursing services, the nursing home provides full dietary, housekeeping services and recreational activities for its residents. Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy is provided to all Welcomeresidents, short-term and long-term that qualify; a therapy pool was added to the facility in 2006, an option that most skilled nursing facilities do not offer.

In October of 2011, we opened a new Adult Home Facility and Assisted Living Program in the village of Stamford. The new Robinson Terrace Senior Living Facility is the first of its kind in the area, offering 30 Adult Home beds and 30 Assisted Living Program beds in a state of the art facility. The expansion of services in the area has been a life line for many community residents in need of care and housing.


The day-to-day management of each facility is conducted by department managers under the direction of the Administrator. Department Managers include the Directors of Nursing, Engineering, Dietary, Housekeeping, Resident and Family Services, Business Office and Recreation.