Diet and Nutrition Coordinator

Required skills: Basic computer skills, strong interpersonal skills, strong organizational skills.
Qualifications: Associates degree or higher in food service/nutrition/dietary management subject matter.

Job Tasks:
– Primary task is to act as the liaison between the dietary department, the unit staff, and the residents to optimize resident satisfaction with meals and to enhance smooth operation of food service to the residents to meet highest quality standards and support adequate resident nutrition and hydration.
– Daily interaction with residents and facility staff, including nursing, therapy and activity staff, to achieve above primary goal.
– Interview residents regarding preferences, meal satisfaction, diet history, etc.
– Gather data from charts and input in assessment forms for RD to review and complete.
– Gather weight data and generate monthly reports of weight changes for RD to review and document.
– Generate weight monitoring  sheets for use by nursing staff on units.
– Gather weekly weight data for RD to review.
– Participate in interdisciplinary care team meetings for care conference, case mix, etc.
– Participate in Dietary Committee meeting with Dietary Manager.
– Update and distribute consistency list to units, therapy, and activities weekly.
– Assist Dietary Manager and Production Manager as needed for daily food service tasks.
– Update dining room seating charts with unit staff as needed.
– Communicate to Registered dietitian any clinical concerns regarding residents for  RD’s review and documentation.
For more information or to apply, call 607-652-7521 ext. 177