Future Health Care Providers Program



Future Health Care Providers Program

Robinson Terrace is proud to offer its Future Health Care Providers Program. Eligible graduating high school seniors, current undergraduate school students, and certified training facility students from the greater Stamford area who have an interest in pursuing a career in a health related field are encouraged to apply. All awards will be made by the board of directors following application review.

Program Overview

The Future Health Care Providers Program is an exciting opportunity to gain exposure to the daily operations of a Skilled Nursing Facility. Practical experience will be acquired throughout a four week internship. The student may fulfill the internship requirement between the fall and spring semester or during their summer break. In addition to gaining practical knowledge, the student will receive a scholarship valued at $1000.


Robinson Terrace places a high value on lifetime learning and believes it is a vital component in professional career development. The internship component is intended to augment the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. To provide a quality learning experience, the student will rotate through the following departments: nursing, nutrition, activities, and administration.

College Scholarship

The college scholarship for the Future Health Care Providers Program is valued at $1000. The scholarship funds will be dispersed in two equal payments of $500 during the fall and spring semesters. The student must be enrolled full-time in a nursing, nutrition, or health care related program to be eligible. The scholarship may be used to pay for college tuition or fees to pay for course text books.

Culminating Experience

The culminating experience for the student will be the completion of a brief questionnaire outlining their program experiences and how the Future Health Care Provider Program has influenced their career path. The student will also have the opportunity to meet with the management of Robinson Terrace to share their program experiences.

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