Levels of Care

We offer several options for seniors requiring assistance or supervision with activities of daily living (eating/nutrition, personal hygiene, or mobility). The level of care that is provided is in relation to the individuals’ physical or cognitive limitations. The four levels of care are listed below:

Senior Living/Assisted Living

Senior Living

Our Senior Living (Adult Home) is for residents that require supervision, assistance with meal preparation, assistance with medication management, arranging transportation assistance, etc.

Assisted Living Program

Our Assisted Living Program is for residents that meet the standards for our Senior Living, but require limited assistance from someone with tasks such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, and enhanced oversight and supervision.

Skilled Nursing Facility


Members of the community who are seeking short-term placement for rehab services following a fracture, surgery, etc. and are not able to be cared for at home until they are stronger or more independent.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Individuals are appropriate if they require 24 hour supervision and/or assistance.

Respite care

Providing care for loved ones in the community can be extremely demanding and difficult at times. Respite care is designed to give families temporary relief of care-giving responsibilities. Our professionally trained staff can care for your loved one at our facility for the time frame you need, whether it is for a couple of days or a few weeks.

Comfort care/Palliative care

It is the facility philosophy to empower the resident to live each day, as they desire in the last phase of their life. We will respect the medical, physical, cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual wishes of each resident on the program. Our program is designated for those residents with incurable, progressive illness where life expectancy is less than a year. Our goal is to provide comprehensive end of life management by abiding by the residents wishes regarding care and treatment, ensuring pain and other distressful symptoms are controlled in order to prevent acute crisis, to avoid undue burdening of the family members, to avoid prolongation of the dying process as death becomes imminent, to strengthen the relationship with loved ones through individual and /or family counseling, to offer spiritual and social counseling as needed I requested, and to help the resident achieve a sense of control during the last phase of their life. The Robinson Terrace Palliative Care Program is included in the daily rate paid to the facility.

Hospice services

We have a contract with Catskill Area Hospice for provision of hospice and palliative care services. Hospice care focuses on improving the quality of life for residents diagnosed with a life-limiting disease. The Hospice program is paid for by Medicare and is available if the patient is certified as appropriate by the physician. The program provides individualized services, designed to be provided by the Hospice staff in conjunction with the nursing home staff.

Our Senior Living and Assisted Living Programs are offered at the Robinson Terrace Senior Living site, while Rehab and Skilled Nursing  services are offered at the Skilled Nursing Facility