RN Unit Manager-Skilled Nursing


Under the direction of the Director of Nursing Administration a Registered Professional Nurse who supervises, coordinates, plans, organizes and implements nursing care.


  • A Registered Professional Nurse who supervises, coordinates, plans, organizes and implements nursing care.
  • Provides overall supervision of all nursing personnel on the unit or in the facility. This includes RNs, LPNs, CNAs and ward clerks.
  • Provide supervision to support staff during weekend and off hours.
  • Is able to interview prospective employees, discipline and terminate staff as necessary.

INTERRELATIONSHIPS: Frequent contact with all employees, residents and non-nursing departments.


On a daily basis.


Able to occasionally transfer up to 150 lbs., push/pull medication cart requiring force of 30 – 50 lbs. Pushes/Pulls and re-positions residents weighing 78-250 lbs. stands and walks up to 75% of work day. Twists, stoop, bends, squats frequently throughout the day. Possesses skills to continuously comprehend and communicate with physicians, residents and co-workers. Remembers multiple messages, information and task assignments.

Able to speak clearly and make self understood in face to face interactions. Able to communicate and respond clearly on telephone. Be flexible and adaptive to change. Able to concentrate on detail with frequent interruptions. Able to function independently. Able to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

Able to professionally interact with residents, guests and co-workers and to direct to appropriate department or person.


  1. Graduate of a 2, 3, or 4 year RN program. Current licensure in New York State as a Registered Nurse. Experience in geriatric nursing and nursing management required.
    2. Possesses the ability to work under pressure.
    3. Possesses the ability to interpret operating policies and procedures.
    4. Exhibit strong leadership and supervisory skills. Possesses strong organizational skills.
    5. Fluent in the English Language.
    6. Ability to verbally communicate with residents, families, the public and other members of the organization. Be an integral part of the management team.
    7. Must be honest, dependable and exhibit a warm, cheerful, caring manner.
    8. Must be able to enact and direct emergency procedures.


Supervises, assigns, assists and teach staff in resident care. Assess the residents condition and formulate a plan of care to assure quality care in the physical, emotional and rehab needs of resident.

  1. Assessment:
  • Receives and gives report.
  • Makes rounds on the Units. Assess residents with problems using nursing diagnosis incorporating resident/family where appropriate.
  • Respond to emergencies on the Unit and take appropriate action.
  • Does admission assessment when necessary.
  1. Planning:
  • Assures staff implement interdisciplinary care plans.
  1. Management:
  • Assumes responsibility for Quality Assurance studies by supporting and participating as assigned.
  • Assumes responsibility for all care given on shift.
  • Uses sound judgment in assigning and organizing nursing staff based on resident needs and staff skills consistent with their education.
  • Allow employees to express concern and dissatisfactions.
  • Maintains a positive attitude, shows flexibility during change in clinical or operational changes and makes appropriate adjustments.
  • Supports employees through recognition of positive efforts.
  • Correct employees tactfully, in private.
  • Anticipates staff or resident problems and using problem solving techniques, works toward resolutions.
  • Helps on the floor when needed.
  • All required paper work will be done accurately in a timely manner.
  1. Development — Both Staff and Self:
  • Participates in orientation of new personnel.
  • Shares expertise in the nursing process by acting as a role model and guide in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care.
  • Assists personnel in developing and achieving annual performance objectives.
  • Recognizes inferior standard of nursing performance and then guides staff toward improved efficiency, performance and care. Informs Director of Staff Development of apparent learning needs.
  • Interviews, disciplines and terminates staff as necessary.
  • Participates in in-service programs by attending and giving programs.
  • Identifies own education needs and assumes responsibility and accountability for keeping up with new advances in the profession.
  1. Policy and Procedure.
  • Takes an active part in writing, reviewing and rewriting policies and procedures.
  • Informs staff of new or rewritten procedures.
  1. Interdepartmental relations, promotes interdepartmental cooperation
  • Maintains good working relationship between nursing and other departments.
  • Reports unresolved interdepartmental problems in a timely and appropriate manner.
  1. Risk Management: Promotes practices which reduce legal problems and actions.
  • Documents incidents and accidents fully using appropriate forms.
  • Monitors documentation by Nursing staff for completeness and accuracy.
  • Reports or corrects unsafe environmental conditions immediately.
  • Carries out good hand washing technique and observes principles of infection control.
  1. Professional Role:
  • Observes nursing practice as put forth by the New York State Nurse Practice Act.
  • Maintains a positive attitude and behavior consistent with the standards of the facility.
  • Adheres to the dress code.
  • Communicates effectively using medical terminology with co-workers and other disciplines
  1. Evaluation;
  • Assess and documents the response of resident/family to plan of care. Revises goals as necessary.
  • Does staff evaluations in a timely manner.
  • Takes appropriate disciplinary action when necessary and refers continuing problems to the Director of Nursing Administration.
  1. Maintains confidentiality of all resident care information.
  2. Must be able to enact and direct emergency and evacuation procedures
  3. Participate in customer relations with appropriate, professional behavior and attire..

This job description is not intended to be all inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable related duties as assigned by the Director of Nursing Administration